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Low pain in the back can emanate from lots of anatomical areas (in addition to a mix of areas), which constantly makes it interesting when a patient asks, “… doc, where in my back is my discomfort originating from?” In context of a workplace go to, we take an accurate history and perform our physical exam to attempt to reproduce signs to give us clues as to exactly what tissue(s) could be the main discomfort generators. In spite of our healthy intent to be precise, did you understand, despite the physician type, there is only about a 45 % precision rate when making a low pain in the back medical diagnosis? This is partly due to the fact that there are lots of cells that can be harmed or hurt that are innervated by the same nerve fibers and hence, scientifically they look really just like each various other. In order to improve this rather unfortunate figure, in 1995 the Quebec Task Force released study reporting that precision might be enhanced to over 90 % if we utilize a classification technique where reduced back conditions are divided into 1 of 3 broad classifications:.

1. Red flags– These consist of dangerous conditions such as cancer, infection, fracture, cauda equina syndrome (which is a serious neurological condition where bowel and bladder function is hindered). These conditions generally require emergency care due to the life threatening and/or surgical capacity.
2. Mechanical pain in the back– These medical diagnoses consist of facet syndromes, tendon and joint capsule strains, muscle pressures, degenerative joint condition (also called osteoarthritis), and spondylolisthesis.
3. Nerve Root compression– These conditions consist of pinching of the nerve roots, many frequently from herniated disks. This category can consist of spinal stenosis (SS) or, mixes of both, but if serious enough where the spine is compromised (more frequently in the neck), SS could then be put in the 1st of the 3 classifications described above.

The most common category is mechanical back discomfort of which “facet syndrome” is the most common condition. The back discomfort is normally localized to the location of injury but can radiate down into the butts or back of the thigh and can be moderate to really serious.

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